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We believe that good design is practical, simple and durable. And it not only looks intriguing but has a character and presence you can sense.

Latest Designs

"Big Romb" wall clock 30x30cm (12"x12")

* stain color finish
* hands model
* hour marks
handmade by paladim


We make every one of our products by hand in our workshop in Bulgaria. Getting thing done sometimes means getting our hands dirty, but this is the beauty of it. At first there are only raw materials and pieces and parts... and then the magic happens! We turn the resources into well-crafted products of fine quality and with strong presence. Choose the design that best reflects your reality and let us make it specially for you.


The "Kran" - Evolution of a Concept
The "Kran" - Evolution of a Concept

by Dimitar Palanski June 14, 2017

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The Big Day - Moving to the New Paladim Workshop!
The Big Day - Moving to the New Paladim Workshop!

by Dimitar Palanski September 15, 2016

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What are Paladim products made of?
All of our works are made of high-quality lime wood. Because of its' durability, flexibility and beauty, it is our best choice for raw material.

How are Paladim products made? Are they handmade?
Every item that goes out of the Paladim workshop is made to be great! And we always make sure of it. By taking good care of our smart and practical design and having a special love for details. Our products are each made by hand by somebody from the team. It starts from receiving your order, through making the item, and finally packing and shipping it to you. Safe and eco-friendly.

Do you ship worldwide? And is it safe?
You bet we do. From our workshop in Bulgaria we have shipped products to our clients from over 55 countries around the globe. Safe and fast. Production time for most of our products is 3 to 5 days. Then we ship via international priority airmail, which is reliable and fast. See more about how long shipping takes here.

Do you make custom orders? 
It is our job as designers and crafters to always try something new and fresh. This is why if you want to have something custom made for you, let us know. We will discuss it, give you some options, and bring it to life! Contact us here.