Shop Policies and FAQ

Here you can find info about ordering, payments, shipping and eventual returns. Hope we covered the most important aspects. If not, and you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

I am shopping online for the first time, is it safe out there?

Absolutely, nothing to worry about! We have some super nerdy encryption stuff in place so that your payment is secure and your details remain secret. For the techno guys out there – our website uses the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 128-bits (the highest level commercially available).

How can I pay?

Any credit/debit card or PayPal. We take international payments the way that is most convenient for you. 



Do you ship worldwide?
Yes. And we've sent products to more than 50 countries worldwide so far.
All of our items are shipped from our workshop in Bulgaria via International Priority Airmail (IPA) Service.

How long will it take for my item to arrive?
After placing your order we'll need between two and five days to produce your item. When we're done, we'll notify you for the shipment via email. Then the journey of your package begins! You can see the estimated time of arrival (ETA) depending on your location below:

• Europe: 5-10 business days
• USA & Canada: 10-15 business days
• Australia & everywhere else: 10-30 business days

In case you are in a hurry we have faster delivery options available (DHL, EMS, DPD). Just let us know so we can select the best option for you.

Is it safe for my item to travel around the globe on its way to me?
We'll make sure that your item travels safe on its way to you. Packing is crucial and we know that. And in effort to reduce waste, packing materials are reused, repurposed or reusable.

What happens if I'm not home at the time of delivery?
No worries. Your package will be directed to the nearest post office, which in turn will leave you a notice (at your address), explaining how and when to pick them up your package. Note that if a package is not claimed within 15-20 days it will be returned to the sender (which is us).

Can I send Paladim design as a gift to my friend?
Sure! We will happily help you suprise your freind or family. Just tell us who your friend is, what is the occasion, and the address. We can also include a nice greeting card for the people you care.

Do I have to pay any customs taxes?
It depends on where you are from and your country's law. However, in our experience so far this is unlikely to happen.


Refunds & Returns

In case you are not satisfied with the item(s) we made for you, you can return it within 30 days (starting from the day it was delivered). No questions asked. And you will have your money back, of course. We take pride in our work and believe you will, too. This is why an unsatisfied owner of a Paladim design is something unacceptable for us.

Packages returned to us because of incorrect address or unclaimed, will be refunded minus the shipping taxes.


Why us?

Our brand is rising to the top rapidly, because of our unique design and magnificent style. This is not only business for us, it's making art and enriching people’s lives. We strive to bring utility and character to everyday items you use in your home or office. This way making your space more comfortable no matter if you are there to do some work or have a good relaxation.

We are not only selling wooden lamps and clocks, but stylishly crafted pieces which rank very highly in people’s eyes. Since we have opened our company we have serviced thousands of people and they are excited to choose us. All you have to do is go to our catalogue, order what you feel will fit in your home or office, and let us take care of making it.

If you enjoy art, style and finesse, Paladim is the perfect choice for You. We promise to exceed your expectations and amaze you with something truly magnificent.  Even on pictures you can’t feel how irresistibly attractive our products are. We invite you to take a chance worth taking.


Additional Info

Paladim designs are made by hand out of high quality lime wood and use stainless steel fasteners to enhance the natural beauty of the wood. Our works are carefully cut, sanded down, brushed, stained, nailed and glued using the best supplies we find. Each of our items is custom made for the person who ordered it. You won't find any stock items in our workshop. We insist that every owner of a Paladim design experiences a top level service in every aspect. Nothing less is acceptable to us.

We love clean lines and unique looks and we implement these ideas in all of our creations - wall clocks, desk lamps, table lamps and other decorations for your home or office. Remember we are always happy to work with you on your custom order.

What are Paladim designs made of?
We use high quality lime wood ever since we started. It is durable, flexible and lasting, which is just great for our works. To give our creations color we have some magical techniques (like staining), but you don't want to know about this.

Can I use a Paladim lamp in my country?
Sure you can. We use electrical components that work for all power supply standards. No matter if it's 110V/60Hz like in the USA or 220V-230V/50Hz in Europe, your lamp will operate fine. You should only make sure that you are using the correct lightbulb (we'll include info about that together with your lamp so you don't have to sweat about it).
And if you are wondering about the power plug, we have plug adapters for any international socket type and will include one according to your country.



All the shipping details and information that we receive from you will remain confidential. No one has any access to your e-mail or information but us.
The money transferred via PayPal is secured and we don't hold any access to your account details or means of payment at any time.



What are Paladim products made of?
All of our works are made of high-quality lime wood. Because of its' durability, flexibility and beauty, it is our best choice for raw material.

How are Paladim products made? Are they handmade?
Every item that goes out of the Paladim workshop is made to be great! And we always make sure of it. By taking good care of our smart and practical design and having a special love for details. Our products are each made by hand by somebody from the team. It starts from receiving your order, through making the item, and finally packing and shipping it to you. Safe and eco-friendly.

Do you ship worldwide? And is it safe?
You bet we do. From our workshop in Bulgaria we have shipped products to our clients from over 55 countries around the globe. Safe and fast. Production time for most of our products is 3 to 5 days. Then we ship via international priority airmail, which is reliable and fast. See more about how long shipping takes here.

Do you make custom orders? 
It is our job as designers and crafters to always try something new and fresh. This is why if you want to have something custom made for you, let us know. We will discuss it, give you some options, and bring it to life! Contact us here.